Balayage can cost between $75 and $450, subject to what you get, your hair length, and where you go to get it. For creating your balayage, a colorist is going to hand-paint highlights on your hair producing a natural, bronzed look that blends into the natural color of your hair.

Balayage prices vary between people with different lengths of hair, their hair background, and intentions for their hair. You can also notice different prices between you and your friends depending on where you go. So, this brings up the question: what is the cost of a balayage, and can I tell if I’m getting the best for my money?

To understand d better, below is a quick guide to guide you through everything you need to know prior to you planning your next balayage appointment.

Average cost of a total balayage

A total balayage is when the stylist hand paints high-lights through your hair. According to some, a total balayage hair may cost between $75 and $450. The average cost of a total balayage is around $263.

Average cost of a partial balayage

Partial balayage’s is when the stylist adds high-lights to partial areas of your hair. This method is carried out for creating face-framing accents adding gentle volume and styling. These sitting can range from about $100 to $220. The average cost of a partial is $160.

What impacts the cost of a balayage?

Your colorist’s degree of skill, demand, and their salon’s location, along with your hair background and sought-after style can all impact the final cost of a balayage. Find out more concerning these factors below:

  • A colorist’s degree of skill and schooling can increase costs when they have taken additional time and money to master these techniques.
  • The salon’s location and type of salon are a few other factors to consider since the cost-of-living and a salon’s amenities also influence the final cost.
  • Another thing that can influence cost is when the colorist is in demand or there aren’t many colorists in your area that do balayage.
  • Hair thickness and length can influence the amount of product, time, and skill needed.
  • Hair background can also influence the cost if your colorist needs to work on color corrections, developing conditioning treatments, or other services to get your hair ready for highlights.
  • Sought-after style and the number of sessions should be thought of, since the number of highlights and/or colors are going to need more product. You are also going to require several sittings if you want a color that is much lighter than your natural hair color.

In Conclusion

Now that you know the particulars of balayage, you can now make an informed decision. Make sure you consult with your stylist, since they can tell you which types of balayage is going to be appropriate for you and your type of hair.

How Much Does Balayage Cost

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